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Insurance Coverage, Bad Faith and Fraud

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Representative Clients:
Meg Goldfeather – Property owner, manager, entrepreneur.  Mr. Knox has represented Ms. Goldfeather in several lawsuits, including insurance coverage and bad faith arising out of Ms. Goldfeather’s loss of her home in the Oakland Hills Firestorm of 1992, and insurance coverage and bad faith against Ms. Goldfeather’s disability insurer.  Both lawsuits established coverage and obtained additional damage awards for Ms. Goldfeather. Client Testiomonial

Danielle and Tom Cane – Homeowners in San Rafael who suffered a major landslide. Mr. Knox represented the Canes in their litigation against their own property insurer and against the uphill landowners. The Canes recovered full compensation on their property insurance claim plus a large sum for insurance bad faith.

Vose Vineyard – A Napa Valley winery that suffered a loss of 1,000 gallons of wine due to third-party negligence.  Mr. Knox represented Vose in trial and recovered full payment for the wine loss plus a large sum for insurance bad faith. 

Brenda Buckner – Owner of an apartment building in San Francisco that suffered a substantial fire loss.  Mr. Knox represented Ms. Buckner in litigation against her own property insurer and against the neighbor, on whose property the fire started. Ms. Buckner recovered full payment for the fire loss plus a substantial sum for insurance bad faith. 

Raymond Cohn – Retired San Francisco firefighter was lured into a life insurance scheme by an unscrupulous agent of a major insurance company, who promised that it would not cost a penny and promised a profit. The premiums were paid by a bank loan arranged by the agent. After two years the agent attempted to sell the policy to an investor, as represented, but he was unable to sell it, resulting in the bank loan of over $250,000 coming due. Mr. Knox successfully defended Mr. Cohn from the bank collection suit and affirmatively recovered damages for Mr. Cohn against the insurance company and its agent. The case was noteworthy in applying elder abuse law, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence and fraud claims against the insurance company, its agent, and the bank.

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