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Breach of User Agreement
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Advice Company – the Internet pioneer and creator of the leading consumer legal website http://www.FreeAdvice.com and a long-time client, came to Mr. Knox when its FreeAdvice® Forum was being bombarded by an unknown anonymous abusive user, who profanely attacked its employees and other Forum visitors.  After tracing the identity of the abuser proved technologically unfeasible, Mr. Knox engineered one of the world’s first successful civil prosecutions of an on-line anonymous abusive poster.  Mr. Knox successfully engaged the Abusive User in on-line dialogue, which led to Mr. Knox establishing jurisdiction over him and, after some litigation, to the disclosure of the abusive user’s true identity.  Despite the abuser’s strenuous efforts to continue to hide his identity, Mr. Knox obtained a court order forcing the abuser to reveal his true identity. Mr. Knox was interviewed by Denise Howell of ITC Conversations, an on-line radio network, about this litigation.  itc.conversationsnetwork.org/shows/detail1829.html.  

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