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Representative Clients:
Fred Papert – Chairman of Papert, Koening, Lois, a New York City advertising agency.  Mr. Papert came to Mr. Knox because a seller would not authorize the return of a deposit in a cancelled escrow in San Francisco.  Mr. Knox succeeded in getting the entire deposit released. 

Paul Hawken – Mr. Hawken first dealt with Mr. Knox on the other side of a real estate purchase.  He has subsequently come to Mr. Knox for assistance in the development and use of other properties. 

Chris Boyes – winner of four Academy Awards.  Mr. Boyes came to Mr. Knox, because a 20-acre vacant parcel adjacent to his own vacation property was in escrow for sale to a speculator.  Mr. Knox succeeded in obtaining the parcel for Mr. Boyes through a combination of negotiation and litigation, all of which was completed in about two months.

Michael Durrie – served on the Board of Directors of GMAC and held executive positions with General Motors.  Mr. Durrie purchased his home in Inverness, CA as a result of Mr. Knox’s successful representation of the seller against another potential purchaser.  Mr. Durrie subsequently used Mr. Knox in quieting title to another parcel to facilitate its sale, and in straightening out some easements affecting the title on his home. Client Testiomonial

James and Janet Pye – an elderly couple living on a riverfront parcel accessible only by an easement across their neighbor’s property.  When that neighbor started to interfere aggressively with the Buntons’ access, they were referred to Mr. Knox.  After trial and appeal, the couple prevailed, confirming their easement rights and collecting the highest judgment in Marin County history for emotional distress damages, trespass, and nuisance.  That judgment is even more remarkable, because the dispute was, at its core, a real estate easement dispute. Client Testiomonial

Eric Moeller – a resident of Mill Valley, CA, who came to Mr. Knox for assistance in obtaining a right-of-way for an undeveloped parcel that Mr. Moeller had inherited from his parents.  Mr. Knox filed a lawsuit to quiet title to an easement over an undersized access route depicted on the original subdivision map.  The case went through trial and a lengthy period of negotiations with the County of Marin, resulting in a judgment for Mr. Moeller. 

Guy Palmer – a resident of Lagunitas, CA, who came to Mr. Knox because his neighbor built an encroachment on Mr. Palmer’s property and refused to remove it.  Mr. Knox filed a lawsuit and successfully negotiated a settlement that resulted in a substantial payment to Mr. Palmer by the neighbor and a swap of equal-sized pieces of property with him.  Client Testiomonial

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