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"Bob Knox is an extremely effective and tireless litigator with excellent business judgment. He has represented A.F. Evans Company, Inc. in a variety of disputes, ranging from small matters that were resolved through intensive negotiation to very large disputes involving millions of dollars that have required extensive, complex litigation. He has always delivered very high quality legal services." Arthur F. Evans, Chairman, A.F. Evans Company, Inc., Oakland, CA.

“Bob Knox did the litigation and negotiation that got me through the single most challenging experience of my life, a neighbor who was literally squatting in an illegal structure on a portion of my property and refused to move. Bob’s legal knowledge and litigation experience, his credibility with opposing counsel, and his creativity in structuring a settlement were all critical to ending this threat to me and my family. My only regret is not seeking Bob’s assistance two years earlier when this problem first arose.” Guy Palmer, Lagunitas, CA

“Bob Knox has helped my wife and me with several difficult real estate transactions and each became fairly painless thanks to his skills and personality. He both knows his law and works very effectively with all parties to minimize issues and find agreement. I have recommended him many times to friends who have had real estate legal problems.” Mike Durrie, former member of the Board of Directors of GMAC (General Motors), and General Motors executive

“Mr. Knox stood up for us when we felt utterly broken and hopeless. With his obvious in-depth knowledge of the law, his expertise as an attorney, and his complete confidence in the rule of law, he steadfastly pursued our case against extremely aggressive adversaries, giving us hope and final vindication in a very favorable judgment. Mr. Knox’s caring throughout gave us much needed comfort. We are most thankful that we were referred to him.” James and Janet Pye, Novato, CA

“I lost my home in the 1992 Oakland Hills Firestorm and my insurance company refused to pay me enough to rebuild it. Bob Knox represented me in negotiations, arbitration and litigation with the insurer. He was the first attorney to establish the insurance company’s obligation to pay for full replacement of a home under my kind of policy and word of his argument spread in our ad hoc group of several hundred fire victims, resulting in an across-the-board capitulation by that insurer. A few years later, I hired Bob Knox to sue my disability insurer, which was refusing to pay me anything. Again, with Bob’s expert assistance, I prevailed. Throughout these lawsuits, Bob provided not only expert legal services, but also emotional support that helped me get through these traumatic events.” Meg Goldfeather, Oakland, CA

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